Rebecca Lewis

Doctorate of Clinical Audiology (AuD) Student - Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences - Seattle

Rebecca Lewis has a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington, awarded in 2008. Since this time, Rebecca Lewis pursues the dual doctoral AuD/PhD program in the Speech and Hearing Sciences department at the University of Washington. Her program provides training for clinical audiology as well as molecular and cellular auditory neuroscience. Her research interests focus on inner ear hair cell regeneration and the mechanisms responsible for promoting and preventing hair cell differentiation. In her career, she plans to bridge the gap between clinical audiology and auditory neuroscience by pursuing auditory research as well as building a stronger link to auditory neuroscience for practicing clinicians.

Areas of Interest

Clinical audiology

Molecular biology

Cellular biology

Cochlear Implants

Aural Rehabilitation


Lewis RM, Hume CR, Stone, JS. Atoh1 expression and function during auditory hair cell regeneration in post-hatch chickens. Hearing Research. PMID# 22543087. April 20, 2012.